Catering for all ages from twelve upwards, we have a range of sessions to choose from. If you would like further information, please don't hesitate to get in contact with Mike.

You will receive an active, workable and practiced programme that fits your schedule.  We will investigate and work through tools and techniques to limit poor behaviour patterns and develop YOUR way towards successful performance.

There will be individual back up support from Mike in the medium of virtual meetings, phone conversations, emails and texts throughout the programme.

Sports Performance Coach

One to one - 45 minute individual performance coaching sessions


  • Recommended – 6 session package                                 

  • £45.00 per session or 6 sessions at a reduced cost of £250.00

Group sessions (3 – 5 people)

This could be for position specific or strategic specific performance coaching.


  • £150.00 per session for the group or

  • 6 sessions at a reduced cost of £800.00

Larger group/Team sessions (6+ people)

This could be squad/team sessions that need a general performance coaching session.

  • £225.00 for the group or

  • 6 sessions at a reduced cost of £1,200.00

Leadership and management coaching

A bespoke offering specifically for coaches or managers who wish to develop THEIR way of thinking/coaching/training.