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The Attention Academy


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Professional Golfer

I started working with Mike halfway through my first season as a professional golfer as I felt something was missing. My game felt in good shape and away from tournaments and in practice, I felt like I could win.


Since working with Mike my results have improved significantly. We have taken the focus away from results and now focus on what matters and let the results take care of themselves. I’ve been able to enjoy what I love to do in the last few months instead seeing everything as a negative and letting that affect me and my performance on the golf course.


I don’t think I would have been able to achieve what I have recently without Mike's help and hopefully this continues as I move on further in my professional career.

matt 1.jpg


1st team Golfer at Stetson University in Florida

Before my time with Mike my mental process was jumbled and all over the place. Mike has taught me ways on how to deal with nerves and pressure and this has allowed me to thrive in certain situations where I feel uncomfortable. Since I was not able to see Mike in person, he has been helpful and a great communicator through FaceTime sessions that helped me get through some issues on the golf course and I was able to apply the tactics that Mike taught me right away on the course after these sessions.


After applying what Mike has taught me, I can now say I am playing some of the best golf of my career and have had one of my lowest rounds of my life in competition!



1st team Stetson University in florida and lowest scoring average in the Universities History

Prior to working with Mike I struggled with the mental side of golf a lot. Since working with Mike he has been a complete game-changer for my golf performance.


His expertise, guidance, and unwavering support has transformed my mental approach to the game.


It has gone from a big weakness to a huge strength! I've not only seen significant improvements in my scores but I have also gained valuable tools to help me on and off the course.


I can't thank Mike enough for helping me reach new heights in my golf game and college career!

kate Rennie.jpg

kate rennie

England International Runner

As a keen runner at international level, Mike's advise has helped me enormously. I get very anxious before races and Mike has given me steps to help me overcome this.


His first hand experience not only with numerous athletes but being a high level sportsman himself has meant that he can advise and understand the pressure of sport and can help you overcome many obstacles to make you a better athlete, improve your results and most importantly enjoy your sport more!


In a recent race his advise running through my head made me dig deep when I wanted to give up and believe that I could win and I did! Thank you for helping me achieve that Mike!


He is also non judgemental and he “gets it” even when you say things to him that you know are irrational! I would not hesitate to recommend Mike to any sports person.


gavin massey

Professional footballer at Port Vale and Wigan FC

Mike’s attention to detail was second to none. Going on to win every competition from year seven through to year nine, his influence on myself and other pupils was vital.

On a personal note he helped me a lot, even at a young age, to be more confident within myself and not to get to down when things weren't going my way.  He always gave me the belief to go again and again! 

He supported me enormously, whether it would be working on different skills or especially, the mental side of the game. He always gave his time and effort towards helping me to improve and even more importantly, being enthusiastic about it. He had a drive to see myself and others do really well.

I left school to move on to my professional career in football.  To this day myself and my family have always appreciated the work Mike has done for my career.  He was a crucial part in getting me to where I am today.


kate armitage

Commonwealth Games swimming finalist

Mike helped me get to where I am today in more ways than I can describe. His approachable and empathic personality made him extremely easy to open up to and trust with my performance. Mike helped me control my pre-race anxiety and taught me strategies to manage external stimuli in order to reach my zone of optimal functioning.


This helped me immensely in the Commonwealth games final where I found my high-performance anxiety and the large crowd were impacting me more than anticipated, I was able to take a step back and focus on performing at my best.


Mike also taught me strategies to prepare for training, especially how to cope and mentally overcome tiredness and fatigue to get the most out of each session, this was imperative due to my heavy training schedule of 13-15 sessions of swimming and strength and conditioning a week.


The techniques that I have learnt from Mike have stuck with me through my swimming career and have never failed me. They were especially useful when I hit a plateau my first year at the University of Tennessee.  These techniques allowed me to keep my morale up when my results were not what I wanted and to place my focus on process oriented goals rather than outcome oriented goals and eventually led to me being at my best once again.

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